Live Beijing Music:麻瓜同名唱片短评

Beijing-based post rock label 1724 Records continues shining a spotlight on China’s budding post rock talent with the self-titled debut from Zhangjiajie’s Muggle. And that’s pretty much all that’s known about them. But what a wonderful debut it is, using the genre as a jumping off point for exploring paths less often taken. Electronic sampling is prevalent throughout, infusing the tracks with an almost dancehall melodic drive, and allowing each of the songs to evolve in innovative and intriguing ways. Just listen to the grind and buzz that turns ‘Sea to Sky’ into a clubhall mix, or how the vocals slowly transform ‘Lotus Valley’ into an existential hip hop track. In a time where post rock has become so repetitive and characterless, it’s amazing to see a group trying to inject into the genre. Grab Muggle over at 1724’s bandcamp.


总部位于北京的后摇滚唱片公司1724 Records继续将聚光灯投向中国崭露头角的后摇滚人才,张家界的麻瓜的同名处女作首次亮相。这就是我们对它们所知的全部。

但这是一部多么精彩的处女作,以这一体裁(后摇滚)为起点,探索不太常用的道路。电子采样贯穿始终,为曲目注入了近乎舞厅的旋律驱动,并允许每首歌曲以创新和耐人寻味的方式演变。只要听一下将“海向天空”(Sea To Sky)变成俱乐部大厅混音的摩擦和嗡嗡声,或者听听歌声是如何慢慢将“莲花谷”(Lotus Valley)转变成一首关乎生存的嘻哈曲目就知道了。在一个后摇滚已经变得如此重复和没有个性的时代,看到一个组合试图注入这一流派是令人惊讶的。